Hacks to Improve Your Blogs

Top 5 Hacks to Improve Your Blogs

If you’re a beginner in this blogging world you might want consider few hacks or things if you really want your blog to spread on the internet.

Here are top 5 hacks that will help to improve your blogging life:

1. Scheduling your content:

Your blogging life will become easier once you implemented an editorial schedule for your blog. First, you have to work out on what topics will be included in your article. Then use a calendar to plot when you should write those topics.

This strategy can really help if you want to ensure that you cover a certain number of topics equally throughout the year.

Inspecting at your content over the year can also help you to become more productive about topics. You can plan blog posts to coincide with industry events or festivals. You can even use the seasons to inspire your content.


2. Take time to write appealing title:

You must understand the readers. If they don’t consider your headline-worthy, they will never read your article. Remember that your headline almost always will be visible with many others.

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. You want it to be out standing one

While crafting your best headline, remember that it is the first, and sometimes the only impression you can make on your potential reader.

As they say,

 First impression is your last impression


3. Make your content more shareable:

What benefits will reader get from reading your post?

You have to understand the psychology of sharing. People share content to lift or to sustain their authority in the eyes of their audiences. While they are not the authors, they are the ones who found it and gave it away.

Ensure that you provide relevant social-share buttons for your posts. But that’s not the only way that people share. Add some more options:

  • Make your images shareable. Visual-only shares can still link to your blog post. Consider making your images easily pinnable by adding one of Shareaholic’s image-sharing WordPress plug-ins.
  • Add tweetable quotes and sound bites. Highlight quotes from the post –the author’s, a celebrity’s, influencer’s, etc. You also can highlight your own sound bites, summary, or important notices.

Use a click-to-tweet-type service. When the reader clicks the highlighted text, a tweet of the highlighted text and a link to your blog post or page is created.

Another tool to consider is a WordPress plug-in, which provides templates of quote-box design. It also can make your images tweetable.

Make sure your content has practical utility


4. Rapid image generation:

Always aim to create three or more images for each of your blogs.

Place the first (a square image that works well for Facebook sharing) at the start of your post and then insert the rest as per your topic or headlines.

However, creating blog images can become time consuming.

We have found some photo editing tools to create blog images faster and swiftly.

Check out our article to know more: Top 5 tools to create custom images


5. Entreat visitors to share:

Don’t hesitate to ask your readers to share your post with their friends, and some of them will. Give them even the most ridiculous reason to do it and even more of them will share.

As Wikipedia explains, it is that

Just by asking your readers to share your content you start building a relationship. And as they do you a favor, they will be more likely to favor you in the future.

a person who has done or completed a favor for someone is more likely to do another favor for that person than they would be if they had received a favor from that person.



Follow these five tips when you craft your next blog post and the post after that and the post after that. Remember, blogging is hard, consistent work. That’s the only way to success.


Have any queries? Feel free to comment below and we will try to answer those queries as soon as possible.


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