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Top 6 things you need to make your website live

Website in today’s world is one of the very important aspect when it comes to your digital identity. Your website represents how you look online and people’s trust on you can also vary depending on this. We always recommend everyone to book a domain (insert your hyperlink) under your business name just to prevent anyone from misusing it and securing your online identification.

Website can be broadly segregated into Portfolio website and E-commerce website. E-commerce website can be used by sellers who largely sell on a B2C (Business to Consumer) basis. While all other companies whose main business in either Solution based or Service based or Consultation based websites.

Here is a quick 6 Step Guide which you can use for building your online presence today.

1)Find a Proper Domain name –

A Proper domain name plays a very important role in the business, This name represents your business on a world wide level. Also make sure the domain name identifies your business to the core. For Example – Our business domain name determines that we deal in hosting and similar related field.

We always recommend business to find their business first in .com and then if its not available, you should go with .in domain. Some people might get confused with this terms of .com and .in. Let me explain, .com and .in are extensions which is added as a sequel to your business name. .com is quite famous as it came first in terms of the internet world and .in is something which denotes an Indian descent. Although .com is bought by both Indians and Non Indians but .in is most preferred by Indians only.

Its important to choose a domain name wisely as that makes people think before even visiting the site.It is normally advisable to select a name which is short and sweet so that you retain the users ability to remember your business name as your website callback value is very important, so always go for a single word or double word domain like includes avon+host so 2 words which makes it easy to remember.

You can find a good domain here


2)Get Good hosting –

As heart and Mind is needed for a body of a human being to live, for a website Hosting is equally important where your files of the website will be hosted.
When you buy hosting, you should keep in mind the following factors as they are very much needed to keep your bloodline of business online.

The provider should provide SSD based servers and not HDD. HDD based servers are of the past and it slows down the site a lot. According to a survey, people when visiting a website don’t wait for more than 2 seconds to load a website and the percentage of exiting the website increases exponentially.
Litespeed support , Litespeed servers are 9x more faster than the age old Apache based servers which means more added boost for your website.

Free SSL (Secured Socket Layer) is a very important factors which makes your website un-hackable. Some providers provide SSL for so much cost that it might break your bank directly.
Cpanel is very important as it acts as a easy to use panel to control your website components easily.

Location based servers play a very important role in the websites speed. The server will be faster when its near to your core audience.
For a very good hosting company which fulfills all the above things , check us out


3) Professional Email

Lets be honest here.. You get a mail from a random person saying he wants to put forth a proposal. You go and see his email id. Which one would you believe? or .
Take your time and think!

Now, as you might have given it a thought as to which looks spammy and which looks professional. That shows how important an professional email id is for the business.
A professional either makes the deal or break the deal, so you think is spending a couple of bucks more important than a entire deal?

Although many providers do provide free email ids but the rate of making it in the inbox is very low, so that also depends as you can’t call a customer and say him to check his spam box always as that also makes it look unprofessional.
You can always go on a free route and use providers like Zoho but they also put limitations in many places like Imap not available which makes it not possible to sync with outlook on your PC. Gsuite for business is the most recommended one in my opinion. It has all the benefits of google plus it gives you a whopping 30gb of gdrive space for free which is really good.
Buy yourself a professional email id now 


4) Content management system –

Content management system or often called as CMS is like the body of the website. CMS are mostly used as they have a ready element already put in place which makes it easy for most people to just drag and drop.

There are many popular CMS like Drupal,Joomla etc which are widely used around the world. But the most used goes to WordPress but wordpress when started, it started as a blogging platform and now has evolved into a complete platform which can stand itself. WordPress now powers almost 31% of the entire web according to recent survey.
WordPress can be installed now a days via a single push of a button via a tool called softaculous which is available in most hosting providers.
Choosing a proper CMS is very important as it should ease your life of website usage and not make it as a burden that you will end up not using.


5) Content Delivery Network (CDN) –

Content Delivery Network is very important as it serves all your content and images from a local server which is near to the user of the website. CDN acts as a local server for your website which will surely give a huge boost to your website for sure.
Some might consider CDN as an extra burden to your pocket but it is a very crucial part of your business. You can go through the free route and select Cloudflare or go into paid line and select players like Keycdn etc.

Now a days most hosting providers have parterned with Cloudflare which offers you a one click move with Cloudflare.
So its advisable to select partners of cloudflare also for ease of use.


6) Marketing –

Marketing is an important aspect of any business. A business without marketing is like opening a shop and not saying anyone. You can use many available free tools to market your business website. As social media has become huge in todays world. We should consider tools like hootsuite,buffer as one of the important tool as they help you to stay connected to social media all the time and help you post things on social media as well.

Use url shorteners in your posts to understand the click analytics of the posts so that you can work on it to increase it.
You can check our article on how to make your own url shortener in the following article written by us.
When it comes to marketing, you should also consider email outreach as an important tool. When you keep on sending email newsletter to your subscribers they get updated info about you and your business which is very important as that builds a relationship between you two.

Some free email marketing companies include mailchimp,sendinblue etc.
Another form of marketing includes SMS marketing where you can send discount offers to your clients to easily convert them to purchase your product. SMS marketing is a important tool as if its done right is a important tool. We also offer sms solutions to our clients.

Push notifications are now making a huge difference in the website world, it delivers all the things right into the palm of the user which is very important. So its very much advisable to use push notification services on your site.
Some push notification services include onesignal,pushcrew,sendpulse etc.

According to us , the above tools suffices the basic things which is required in a website although, there are always bound to many more which happens as technology is bound to be always changing. We are sure to update this article as we see a change of trend in technology.


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