3 Ways to Deal With Spam Attacks on Your Website?

1. Selecting e-mail SEO offers wisely

It involves both the emails and entries at the website comments or mailing sections. You need to be alert with the company who has reputed credentials and reputation. You may also need to autonomously review the ranking claims and practices of the company. Hiring the right SEO agency has taken a high significance as the incorrect decision could damage your website’s traffic.


2. Controlling social spam activities

Always inspect what is being posted on your official social networking company profile. If your social media has been grabbing huge followers there are increasing risks of getting your profile been hacked. If you notice a critical spam page, Facebook has the tools to report suspicious Emails and notifications. Twitter also exercise active filters to exclude the spam tweets.


3. Monitoring comment section

Monitor what is being posted on your website/blog comment section. You can use a WordPress moderator plugin or similar plugins to ensure this facility. If you are allowing guest blogging or a forum, always ensure that you are never caught unaware.

These are some information you can use while maintaining a website or blog.

if you know any other ways how to avoid spam attacks on websites/blogs let us know in the comment section below.


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